21 Apr, 2024

Your Anti-Covid Mocktails could take you to hospital before Covid-19 does

2020 hasn’t been most people’s cup of tea. We saw the worst of many things this year, and worst of all, we saw the worst of pandemics the modern world has seen, COVID-19 . we have lost friends, relatives, religious leaders, government leaders and worst of all, we have lost health workers who sacrificed their […]

2 mins read

Is it love? Or are we just too scared to be lonely…?

I contradict a lot with myself when I think about possible answers to this question, but yet again tend to agree with myself completely on whatever arm of answers I decide to take. When it comes to love, I’m probably an amateur and I’m still learning many things. But I’ve made observations. Good observations. Today […]

1 min read

What happens after today’s marriage?

The sense of complete submission and saying you are mine and I’m yours still kinda scares me. Because what happens after those statements sometimes is the untold. And this is where my question comes in; What happens after people get married? Everyday we see people in Kukyala ceremonies, kwanjula ceremonies, baby showers, weddings, proposals, but […]

1 min read

The good doctor season3 Episode20

I bottled up my thoughts after watching this episode, but hey, I guess I wasn’t alone. After they announced the return of a new season, I was actually very shocked considering season 3 ended like a Grand Finale. There was big plot twist at least for me. The once main actors weren’t our favourites anymore😂😂. […]

1 min read

When it comes to love

Love is a beautiful thing . Disclaimer; I’m no love expert and probably I have the record of the shortest relationships. From 1 month to 2 weeks to unknown duration probably because I had no freaking idea what was going on, or because I had a couple months relationships of a lie? But well, I […]

1 min read

Nocturnal enuresis….a nightmare

#ChildhoodTales Nocturnal enuresis commonly known as bed wetting. Its common and normal in children below five years of age but may also be seen to occur in people older than 5 years for various reasons, and most times tends to disappear on its own. Today while recapping childhood stories with colleagues, this topic happened to […]

3 mins read