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Our CAMTech win

Still about FlashBack Friday.

I still can’t believe I didn’t share this with you my beautiful readers. But hey, what are flashbacks for?

2017 must have been one of my happiest years on this planet. The CAMTech hackathon is an event that had been happening annually since my year 1 at campus…still happens, but I had never attended any just because I always found myself busy with other activities. This time, I applied way early to attend the event, and I got in.

Its a 3 days fully packed weekend Friday to Sunday where innovators from all over the world in different fields of medicine, business and technology camp at my university, and guided by whatever theme it is that year, innovations are developed, and there is always a grand cash prize for the 3 winning teams, and the best team also gets to use the co-creation lab for free to develop their prototype .

I mainly signed up for this one because I knew I would be free that weekend…given 4th year in med school is a chiller year here and also because there was money to be won.

I attended the summit on Friday where the theme, Maternal and child health was introduced. Later that night, attended the CAMTech cocktail night. Free drinks and food….lots and lots, great music, then headed home before midnight so as to be early for the next morning. Saturday morning, the real hack-a-thon began. 59 pitches were made, all were taken, and a total of 59 teams were made. I belonged to 2 of the teams because the topics interested me. Well, for this post, I will focus more on Team Kangaroo plus a team of 11. We had an idea of a neonatal jacket and we were mainly addressing hypothermia in neonates. We changed the concept over and over again , interacted with different mentors, got their suggestions, all this happening in less than 24hrs. By 8pm, we were set, and started working on our pitch presentation for the next day.

It got intense along the way because I belonged to 2 teams and I had to give equal effort to both teams. I can’t remember getting enough sleep that night. I literally slept with a very active brain in my sleep, thinking just about the next day. I countless times got out of my sleep to note down something that I had to remember for the next day………I have an excellence kind of OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) . I want to succeed at just everything I put my effort to.

The next morning, sunday/Final day /presentation day, I was up by 6am, way before my alarm rang. I got ready and was at the venue very early, being the 3rd person to arrive……..both or one of my teams had to get this win.

We went through the last rehearsals, and then gave our presentations. Out of 59 teams, only 6 were picked to go for the finals. Which were still on the same day. Team Kangaroo plus made it among the top 6.

Earlier in the day, Angella a teammate and I had joked a lot about what we would do with that money. It was 2.5Million for the best team. But after making it to the final 6 teams, I could literally feel the money right in our hands…hahaha.

We went for the finals, gave our best presentation, which was good I must say. We answered all the questions from the judges, and walked off the stage leaving the audience in awe .

Time for announcements for the winners came, of course the tension built up in that room of about 2000 people. The second runners up, first runners up, and well, the hosts like to take their time before reading out the Grand winners. For a moment, I stopped thinking. I spread out my arms to my immediate neighbours, who happened to be my teammates and held them tightly, and so did everyone.

At the mention of team Kangaroo Plus as the grand winners of the hack-a-thon, while the room went quiet( shockingly)…….as they took in the news hahah , there was noise from just our corner, hugging one another , and running to the stage. We had made it. The Grand winners. We appeared on TV for the next 2 days, were in newspapers about 3 times , were all over blog posts, twitter, Facebook. Yea, we had made it. After this day, I wanted to be part of very many competitions.

Currently , we are working to see our innovation move to the next level. Who knows, our innovation could be the next big thing. Saving neonates and prematures.

Am up for another CAMTech weekend . come next month. I hope to win this one too

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