21 Apr, 2024

The poor Patient

Recently at a coffee bar,I overheard a doctor say that his monthly taxes  to the national revenue authority via the Pay as you Earn (P.A.Y.E) mandatory tax deductions could buy hypertension ( high blood pressure)  drugs for two, level two health centers in Uganda for about half a year.  A level four health center in Uganda is meant to serve a population […]

4 mins read

Should we FIGHT or EMBRACE homosexuality?

The history of homosexuality stems back as far as the ancient Greeks, who by the way regarded it as normal behavior to a certain extent. Their nature of relationships was usually between an older man and a beardless youth. The relationship lost its sexual side after the youth reached adulthood. In Rome, masters took up […]

4 mins read

Contraception by Financial slavery

This week, there was a unique scenario of, a 32-year-old woman who came to the hospital for an elective cesarean section delivery and asked her obstetrician to conduct a permanent family planning method commonly known as Bilateral Tubal Ligation (BTL) during the cesarean delivery. The uncommon social issues that surround the case are that this […]

4 mins read

Under the influence of Hormones

Quite alot, we talk about the influence of Alcohol, possibly because we know we can control that to a certain extent, but almost never do we contextualise the influence of Hormones and the effects they could have on our life’s decisions. Ofcourse, the influence of Hormones and Alcohol combined could synergise into lethal decisions. You […]

3 mins read


You must wonder… what a question? And i’ll ask again. Why the heck are we in a hurry? Speaking from a mental health perspective, i speak with all honesty. I know atleast 6 people who have contemplated suicide in the last 2 months, i know atleast 10 or so people struggling with depression and i […]

9 mins read

Borrowing from the Tanzania Traditions.

Children are loved, but they are not invited is a famous statement that you will come across on many wedding or traditional ceremony invitations in Tanzania. I have for a long time reserved my comments about weddings and other marriage ceremonies and the expectations they come with. Over the holidays, i learn’t about how our […]

7 mins read