22 Feb, 2024

Protecting your land

Any valuable possession MUST be protected in every way possible, lest someone snatches it. You have to do everything possible to protect what is yours. Some people even go to extremes of killing. People don’t joke. When it comes to land ownership and protection, an identification has to be made. Land isn’t given names like […]

3 mins read

Memoir of an intern doctor…day 141

In January, a colleague worked on a patient during his surgery rotation. Patient returned last week for review with a very grateful heart😊😊😊. He carried a gift for his doctor…….a Cock. A huge alive cock with feathers and legs.😂😂😂 First of all, the hospital provides all meals for us, so we don’t cook. This colleague […]

1 min read

Love is Evol………by Goodgame

S/he calls it true love; whose mirage is fake love. S/he calls it self love; they call it selfish ambition  The world brands it a positive force that could birth universal peace.  It’s rather a negative destructive emotion I say. And ‘fore you tear me down, come into my optic nerve for a bit. See, […]

1 min read