22 Feb, 2024

Contraception by Financial slavery

This week, there was a unique scenario of, a 32-year-old woman who came to the hospital for an elective cesarean section delivery and asked her obstetrician to conduct a permanent family planning method commonly known as Bilateral Tubal Ligation (BTL) during the cesarean delivery. The uncommon social issues that surround the case are that this […]

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During Med school, we studied about some rare disease. TAKAYASU arteritis happened to be among one of those diseases that kept me thinking.  Till during my internship while on night call and a patient came in with everything confusing to me. After reading , investigations and consultations, we came to actually identify the cases as […]

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Cliche as it may sound, Nothing lasts forever. The world is always in a state of continuous growth. Brand new ideas, solutions and innovations emerge literally every second hence the need to be uncomfortable with our talents and the desire to make them better. The movement has to always find us ready. These same words […]

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Your Anti-Covid Mocktails could take you to hospital before Covid-19 does

2020 hasn’t been most people’s cup of tea. We saw the worst of many things this year, and worst of all, we saw the worst of pandemics the modern world has seen, COVID-19 . we have lost friends, relatives, religious leaders, government leaders and worst of all, we have lost health workers who sacrificed their […]

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The best Christmas gift. #HealthInsurance

Growing up, I thought health insurance was a way rich people liked to spend their money. Honestly. It always seemed like an unnecessary investment. Yes, it’s an investment. I didn’t fall sick much as a child, neither did people close to me. And so I always thought it was the same for everyone. Even when […]

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Memoir of an intern doctor…day 261…..quarantine day 5

Woahh, we 5 days in and still kicking. I noticed leaving my room at 10am in the morning kinda shortens the day😂. This day felt abnormally short…..which is a good thing. Me right before I got the sample picked We got our first samples picked for testing today. The test is still as painful as […]

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Memoir of an intern doctor…day 257. COVID close contact….Quarantine day 1

Yesterday something very unfortunate happened to me. I’ll tell you about it. Flash back to 23rd March during the early COVID 19 days in Uganda, I was asked to remain in my room ( self quarantine) because I woke up with flu like symptoms, however without a fever. The quarantine was to go on for […]

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Memoir of an intern doctor…..day 251

What’s up guys….. Bloggers and loyal followers. My consistency is lacking….I know! I’m undergoing a certain kind if mental fatigue. But I’m well and kicking. Big news, I took a COVID test sometime back last month. Got results 19 days later😂😂😂. 19 days!!!! Mujooga!!!!! Good news is, it was negative test, Although I have a […]

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