22 Feb, 2024

MEMOIR OF AN INTERN DOCTOR….DAY 291. reliving life after Quarantine

What’s up my people. I know you might wonder if I went into oblivion after Quarantine. I will tell you about what happened days that followed. Something I didn’t mention earlier, the last 2 days before I left quarantine were days filled with emotions and probably fear. Biggest fear being the fact that I was […]

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Memoir of an intern doctor…day 271……Straight Outta Quarantine. COVID-19 Negative

14 quarantine days and 2 nasopharyngeal swabs later, a girl is finally free and can return to work. Disclaimer; I did not have COVID!, but was a contact of a high risk COVID patient. On 21st June, while doing my 24 hour duty at the casualty unit, I managed a young man who had just […]

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Memoir of an intern doctor…..Day 267…..Quarantine Day 11…..Marriage Proposal

I got a marriage proposal yesterday……..don’t get excited yet! First of all, my apologies to everyone asking why I stopped updating you on my Quarantine experience. today is day 11. My colleagues and I are doing very fine, and I decided to just make one post after all this is over. I promise to put […]

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Memoir of an intern doctor….day 262…quarantine day 6

After my morning workout Woke up late to a beautiful day. Had a morning workout. It felt so great. Indulged in some general cleaning of this big house and then the WiFi came in. I’ve been having my own data. But free data is something we all like. Got to stream live, download movies , […]

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Memoir of an intern doctor…day 261…..quarantine day 5

Woahh, we 5 days in and still kicking. I noticed leaving my room at 10am in the morning kinda shortens the day😂. This day felt abnormally short…..which is a good thing. Me right before I got the sample picked We got our first samples picked for testing today. The test is still as painful as […]

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Memoir of an intern Doctor… Day 260…..quarantine day 4

Yea right, I’m still here ……in quarantine. I have 10 days to go. unless otherwise; I’ll count 10 for now. Today was very dull. I was sleepy most of the day. Not sure I did anything constructive. And yea, I’m having gastritis . its almost constant these past 4 days. God help me, this can’t […]

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Memoir of an intern Doctor…. Day 259….Quarantine day 3

Quarantine has no schedule really. Many things are abrupt and that’s exactly what happened today. Like a natural alarm clock. I opened my eyes at 7am. I had a morning workout today. After a very long time. Then had breakfast, typed something on my laptop for about 3 hours, and then I got bored. Ideas […]

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Memoir of an intern Doctor….day 258…..Quarantine day 2

Following my contact with the covid case, the hospital administration decided to quarantine me and other 5 nurses who got into contact with this patient at the hospital institutional quarantine. There was a pre-quarantine session with the hospital administration, and members from WHO who talked us through this, counselled us, gave us tips about handling […]

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Memoir of an intern doctor…day 257. COVID close contact….Quarantine day 1

Yesterday something very unfortunate happened to me. I’ll tell you about it. Flash back to 23rd March during the early COVID 19 days in Uganda, I was asked to remain in my room ( self quarantine) because I woke up with flu like symptoms, however without a fever. The quarantine was to go on for […]

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