Memoir of an intern Doctor….day 258…..Quarantine day 2
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Memoir of an intern Doctor….day 258…..Quarantine day 2

Following my contact with the covid case, the hospital administration decided to quarantine me and other 5 nurses who got into contact with this patient at the hospital institutional quarantine.

There was a pre-quarantine session with the hospital administration, and members from WHO who talked us through this, counselled us, gave us tips about handling stress and boredom during this time.

We’re 6 here. All the 5 patients who were at the emergency department that night have been tracked too and put in quarantine at the hospital isolation unit.

I like the house we’re at. Self contained room, living room, kitchen, dinning area, back yard with a garden. This is actually the house where the comboni sisters who started this hospital used to stay. There’s something about this place that makes it feel like “home”.

The bad news is that the patient and his caretaker still haven’t been tracked, their phones are off. We think they Lied about their phone numbers and travel destination

Again, my fears aren’t about the disease, they’re about how I’ll go through these 14 days.

We will have our first test samples most likely taken tomorrow.

I’ll give you a daily feedback. I need tips on how to not be bored.

Ooh yes, that’s the only language I packed. My laptop, headphones, phone and chargers seem like the only essentials. I’ll decide if I want to dress up on some days. I could wear my night gown all day and I’ll not complain. #Quarantine

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