Memoir of an intern doctor….day 171
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Memoir of an intern doctor….day 171

I stayed at work for you, please stay at home for me!

Remember my post 7 days ago when I said my country had no COVID 19 case? Well, it hit us. We had a case the next 2 days. And two days later, 8 more announced in one day, making matters worse, we have about 100 people walking the roads of this country who weren’t screened as they entered the country from some of the currently high risk countries, and now we’re here wearing masks all day.

Waking up with no Corona Virus, and going to work without the best PPE, and still hoping to end the day still COVID free.

My dad hasn’t had good sleep in days. He’s in his 50s and maybe he should worry more about himself. But every constant day he gets to text me and the words are always predictable… Are you OK? He says. Today I got a text from him at 6:30am, my guess is that he had a bad dream about me or my other two siblings who are very far from home scattered across the world.

Keep home whenever you can. Here in hospital, we’re literally chasing people with minor issues to back home before they catch something bigger in the hospital.

This Pandemic is what we read in the books. This time the disease is reading the books. We need God.



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