24 May, 2024

The face-foot-shoe phenomenon

Jokes aside….😂😂😂 the face-foot-shoe phenomenon . I came up with this name or title or named something today, and I’m here to tell you about it.  Over the past …..maybe 6  years, I got to realise that people’s faces look like the shoes they wear. Not literally, but literally………..am I confusing you? Well,let me try […]

1 min read

About the Research Dissemination Conference

About 4 months ago, I shared an article about how my team and I had spent 3 weeks in a village called Rukunyu in Kamwenge district. Well, chance later hit this month, and my team was picked to present our findings from community at the 14th MUST Annual Research dissemination conference held at Lake view […]

1 min read

We don’t know

We don’t know if little Mary will grow up to be the young woman her parents want her to grow into. We don’t know We don’t know if we will be able to wake up tomorrow. I mean the world could end in our sleep. We don’t know We don’t know if this relationship will […]

2 mins read