23 May, 2024


Grey, adrift, desolate, faded, A cage of negative brilliance that I personally envisaged, The clouds of doubt finally in maturation. A forecast of dribbles and showers of stagnancy, The whirlwind of imperfection etching in a malignancy. I don’t recognize the reflection in the icy mirror, A shade of my future past that only I could […]

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About the Research Dissemination Conference

About 4 months ago, I shared an article about how my team and I had spent 3 weeks in a village called Rukunyu in Kamwenge district. Well, chance later hit this month, and my team was picked to present our findings from community at the 14th MUST Annual Research dissemination conference held at Lake view […]

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The average female has 10 days a month

This month, I will probably have 10 or less days. Today morning while struggling to keep attentive during the internal medicine class, I thought to myself…..how many uninterrupted days can a female have in a month?. Let me give you my outline of the “time stealers” A month has 30 days. For everyone…..both males and […]

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