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Violah takes Capetown

It’s Flash Back Friday, so I get to share some beautiful memories I made this year, but never got to share.

First of all, this was a fully funded trip. God how I love free stuff… Hahaha. I was in Capetown from 5th march to 11th March 2018, to attend the 17th world conference on Tobacco or Health. This must have been my second international conference ever, and I was the only medical student attending from my country.

First, I will tell you about how I got this golden opportunity. I have been a volunteer for over 1 year under PEDON project, a project that deals with prevention and early diagnosis of non communicable diseases. We are over 200 volunteers countrywide in the different participating medical schools. A call was put out for this opportunity, and I happened to get shortlisted for the top 3 finalists. We had an interview and I happened to get picked of the 3. Clearly means I deserved this.

I went in the company of 2 intern doctors. Dr. Conrad and Dr.John. these guys know how to make a work trip worth it. Yes, a work trip because we had to present an abstract about the research under PEDON project, had to meet up with important people, and all there is to do under Advocacy

Long journey, but finally got in Capetown. Capetown international airport bring the busiest airport I have been to. Beautiful town you would never think of it as being on African soil. We finally settled into our Hotel, The Almalfi . had a good shower, and set off to do some shopping at a nearby shopping mall, The Point. We later went for dinner and then caught some sleep before the next day. 7 days in Capetown yet the conference was for 3 days. That meant……..someone scream out loud…WE HAD EXTRA DAYS TO TOUR.

with the WHO Director General Dr.Tedros

with Dr.Flavia the first female black president of the conference in 50 years

Day 2 started off with breakfast made by of course me in my apartment. Then we headed out . took a cab and then jumped out along the way because we had to see this town with not just our eyes looking through the windows, but also our feet haha.

Along a street I can’t remember, we saw a show room for ASTON MARTINS. We walked by the verander and took pics with the logo, but something deep in us felt we had to get into that store and get hands on. Like any curious Mukiga (my tribe) haha, we got in, walked to the reception, said Hello to the beautiful lady and actually requested to take pics right in the store. She wasn’t hesitant to let us in, but only on condition that we didn’t touch these cars. Guys , each Aston Martin here cost 5 million rands. About 1.3 billion Ugandan shillings.


When we were done , we headed to waterfront😻. I will spare you the details of this place, because it could take me forever to tale it all. We got coupons for our 12hours on the double Dutch buss drive for 200 rands per head and yea, we hit the road. We toured each and every corner of this town. Non stop. We got for at the beaches, and got back on after touring and taking pics. Tour continued till as far as hout bay. We saw the beautiful condos by the beach, very expensive, we saw parking lots whose worth was more than the house on which they were built ….yea. We saw places where Hollywood movies are acted. And as we headed back to town, we overlooked the Robben island where the late Nelson Mandela had been imprisoned for 27 years. Of course the table mountains which can be seen from almost every corner of town. It was a beautiful day with enough memories to my soul.

The next day, happened to be Day 1 for the conference. Dressed to murder..haha, we arrived at the Capetown Conventional Centre by 8am S.A time and started our day. This my dear readers has been the biggest conference I have been to. Rubbing shoulders with ministers, mayors, world’s greatest leaders, princesses, and standing about 1metre close to Michael Blomberg…guys…this is goals haha. 3 days in the conference, we made enough friends, and connections, and learnt from what other people presented, and attended 2 award ceremonies that left me wanting to be the next big Deal on this planet.

Of course we went out in the nights. Had to see what Capetown is like at night, and on the last day, we went to GROOTE SCHUUR hospital, and had a chance to be in the museum where the world’s first successful heart transplant was done. Guys, I shed a tear right in this museum. Everything had been replicated in the form of manikins. Its looked so real.


I honestly enjoyed my time in Capetown, did some shopping….of course!, and got enough souvenirs from lovely people ad well, and of course tried out new dishes everyday. I met lovely people too. And oooh my return flights home were everything to talk about. The people I met….damn! I will share more in another post soon

Here are some good pics I picked out from the very many. Enjoy

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