Do we really need big weddings? Big houses? 
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Do we really need big weddings? Big houses? 

I have heard the stories and I have seen it with my own eyes. 

Young couple falls in love , 3 months down, the proposal happens…..these days proposals go up to 30million Ugx  then the traditional wedding ceremonies, then the religious weddings, then honeymoon..bla bla bla… In a short space of 4 months, close to 1 billion Ugandan shillings has been spent.

Worse if this couple had taken a loan…then now they have a loan to pay, then they’re staying in a rental somewhere, they have no car, no property to their names, and some very unfortunate cases are followed by a divorce 4 months later.

Do we really need big houses? 5 hectares of a compound, ten bedrooms yet you have two children and 3 dogs and only 2 relatives you care about who don’t even stay with you? 

Again, this is my opinion, but that money seated right there in the other unused parts of your house could get you starting a side business and who knows what profits will have grown over years.

I’m not saying its bad to stay in big houses or have a lavish wedding, but can we do this at our pace? ….our financial pace, without having to do what ‘society’ expects of us. In my opinion, a wedding doesn’t have to happen immediately. Better when you are “ready” and also when you’ve had a good adaptation to how he snores at night, how she’s a terrible cook but atleast gets the salt right. I believe the I do then would even be more powerful and more from the heart. Even then, do the right sized wedding. Only relevant guests to the event, not the whole village. Feed them , party , and make memories .

I believe in a beautiful simplicity ….Beautiful


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