22 Feb, 2024

Memoir of an intern doctor….day 71

How do we not get scared seeing dead bodies daily, being the last person to talk to someone you’re not even related to. Having to do CRP until you give up and pronounce someone dead. How do we? Its scary if you think about it. Its just that we don’t think about it. 5 years […]

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Memoir of an intern doctor…..day 57

The work- life balance is quite challenging. Somehow I’m tryna keep it together with the fact that I’m an intern. But My social life has just gone from 50% to 10% . I think life should be more than just eat, work, sleep and text. My man is very many districts away, And my chess […]

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Memoir of a doctor intern….day 47

Its every student’s joy when their teacher complements their work. Its every Doctor’s joy when a senior doctor/ specialist complements their work. I was in these shoes today. I’ll tell you about it. Every Saturday morning, we hold CMEs as a hospital. The entire staff is there and every department takes turns presenting. One department […]

2 mins read

Memoir of an intern doctor……..day 23

Wednesday has always been my happy day of the week. And today it came with great blessings. I’m taking off my first leave as an intern. Call it Compassionate leave. You must be wondering….but how? Its just 23 days. Well guys, my graduation is in 3 days. Saturday 26th October, its going down in mbarara, […]

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