Memoir of an intern doctor….day 71
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Memoir of an intern doctor….day 71

How do we not get scared seeing dead bodies daily, being the last person to talk to someone you’re not even related to. Having to do CRP until you give up and pronounce someone dead.

How do we? Its scary if you think about it. Its just that we don’t think about it.

5 years ago , in my first year at campus. Our first encounter with cadavers scared the hell out of me. I remember going to bed that night with my lights on. I slept with my lights on for like a month. I didn’t want to eat meat. It felt like I was eating human flesh. Sometimes I even feared to pass by the building that housed the cadavers, especially at night.

And here I am feeling someone warm skin and having to be next to this person till their body is cold and then stiff.

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