08 Dec, 2023
Recently at a coffee bar,I overheard a doctor say that his monthly taxes  to the national revenue authority via the Pay as you Earn (P.A.Y.E) mandatory tax deductions could buy hypertension ( high…
The history of homosexuality stems back as far as the ancient Greeks, who by the way regarded it as normal behavior to a certain extent. Their nature of relationships was…
This week, there was a unique scenario of, a 32-year-old woman who came to the hospital for an elective cesarean section delivery and asked her obstetrician to conduct a permanent…
Quite alot, we talk about the influence of Alcohol, possibly because we know we can control that to a certain extent, but almost never do we contextualise the influence of…
On April 7th, 2022, Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed as the first black woman in the history of America to serve in the United States supreme court as associate Justice.…

The Meatyness of Meat

Goat meat, cow meat, chicken, pork, shark meat, rabbit meat, fish, donkey meat, hippo meat, are the meats i remember to have eaten. I swallowed all except shark meat. Yes, i weighed between an experience and a gag reflex embarrassment. I chose safety. While visiting Ethiopia, my friends mentioned how starstruck they were by how […]

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African hair possesses quite the characteristics if you ask me. For any one who has grown African hair and kept it natural, they’ll tell you of the very many factors with which its consistency is determined. Everyone I know that has natural hair has had that day of frustration where the hair just won’t get […]

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During Med school, we studied about some rare disease. TAKAYASU arteritis happened to be among one of those diseases that kept me thinking.  Till during my internship while on night call and a patient came in with everything confusing to me. After reading , investigations and consultations, we came to actually identify the cases as […]

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Cliche as it may sound, Nothing lasts forever. The world is always in a state of continuous growth. Brand new ideas, solutions and innovations emerge literally every second hence the need to be uncomfortable with our talents and the desire to make them better. The movement has to always find us ready. These same words […]

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