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By the time we are 25, many people are done with campus, including the bigger fraction of those who do long courses like medicine or law. one day we are students of very different subjects, the next day we are supposed to start living responsibly and doing all the things right. There’s no excuse for why something can’t be perfect.

Very many years learning and studying important stuff, but i must say we tend to miss out on the very important stuff. several times i have thought of the need to revise the curriculum and introducing a life class at all levels of learning. same class, but serving different content appropriate for age.

I could tell you we need a master class on how to make money. we certainly do, because giving someone all the knowledge about mitochondria and fractures and diseases will help someone become a doctor. But if they don’t know the skills on how to invest the money they will make, then someone who probably didn’t go through school but managed to learn the basics and hacks and tricks of making money would certainly lead a better and happier life. I see many people in my profession with absolutely no life working 3 jobs, no family time, no happiness, and interestingly the money they make can not be seen. we need the basics of using the money we have to make more.

Making money is one thing, but the next big lesson would be to save and grow this money. we are a generation of people that like to experiment literally everything and every time. You must have noticed that people increase their expenditure when their salary grows instead of increasing their savings. we throw useless parties to impress people. who on earth started first tooth parties, baby showers and all.

School has not taught us how to behave around people. we are a generation of people that lacks manners, we weren’t taught how to stay with people, respect people and all. Arguably, someone might say this is a role for the parents, but you realize we have spent most of these years with our teachers compared to our parents

School did not teach us how to build strong relations with people. This goes for friendships, romantic relationships and this goes hand in hand with making sound judgement when looking for a lifetime partner. we end up falling for the wrong things and picking looks over values. 6 months into the relationship, we realize we made the worst mistakes of our lives.

Personally, i would have loved for school to teach me how to raise kids in the best way possible. Raising children is one thing i don’t feel ready to do, and i probably wont be ready in the next few years, but I’ll still go ahead and have children when the time is right. I just need them to be better than average, be better than what this generation is serving. I want them to be exceptional.

After school, everything happens at a lightning speed and we would much love mentorship into this. To know how to balance work and life, going back to school for further studies, taking care of oneself, and helping us fight all these myths. we so much need it. I know we are all students of life including the people we look up to, but we could use the basics and a firm foundation.

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