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By the time you read this, i will have turned 26. Mother says she had me on a beautiful calm sunday morning around 8:20am, 26 years ago. I guess that’s why i’ve always loved the calm on sundays?

when i was 15, i remember evesdropping a conversation and someone mentioned being 26 years. I want to publicly appologise to that person for ever thinking of them as old…damn! But i’m happy i’m growing and growing into beautiful things.

You know, if i were to die at 100 years, i would say i already lived the first quarter of my life. I thought about this 2 days ago and it hit home. Especially because i know i wont get to 100 years, and i just can’t imagine what is left. For now, i will take this as my second quarter. 26 to 50. And i gotta make it count.

I don’t appreciate this statement much, but now at my most sober mental health moment, i want to say i’m deeply grateful to God, to family, to friends, mentors and most importantly grateful to myself for challenging myself everyday.

Interestingly, i’m not scared of growing old. If anything, i would be eager to peep into my future at 35 or 50 or 70. I’m very sure i want to see the future because i’m hopeful.

I won’t be painting my plans for this year here, but i kind of have a plan, and also, i won’t be getting married this year. Not yet! so don’t hope for it, and don’t ask me about it.

Ladies and gentlemen, let this not be the birthday you are tempted to say a queen was born, or an angel was born hahah. Let’s get alittle creative. I want to thank my blog readers in a very special way. This blog is the closest thing i have to a child., and i’m happy my baby isn’t malnourished for the 7 years i’ve been here. It has helped me express myself better and hold arguments or conversations with myself. I could never feel more liberated and emancipated mentally.


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