Memoir of an intern Doctor…days 43, 44, 45
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Memoir of an intern Doctor…days 43, 44, 45

I knowww, I didn’t live 3 days in one, but honestly speaking, I feel like I did. Past 3 days, this could be the first time I’m sobber and not worried about who hasn’t had their ECHO done or whose hyperkalemia isn’t going down despite doing everything possibly available, and why a 90 year old female wants to undergo a certain kind of surgery that isn’t affecting her lifestyle.

Well, day 43 was my night call, so….you already know the drill. I worked from day 43 at 9:00am till day 44 10am, non stop….literally. I dozed at 4am in theatre while my patient was getting anaesthesia before I could do a cesarean section on her. Yes, I was already scrabbed and gowned. I had to balance in the air. Somehow, I didn’t fall and i hope I remained sterile.

Speaking of which, I can now confidently do a cesarean section without an obstetrician or medical officer around watching and guiding me. 😊

Day 44 after my morning shower at 10am, I went back for the ward round. Guys, it happened again, i dosed. But this time, it happened while I was standing, while writing in a Patient’s chart. Now I wasn’t ready for a doctor falling down kind of embarrassment. I walked to my senior and with a straight face asked to go and sleep for 2 hours. This was at around 11am. She granted😋. I slept till 2pm🙈. Then had lunch and returned to ward at 2:30pm. Very sobber and looking so bright. You’d wonder if I were the “zombie” 4 hours ago.

Day 45, today. It was a fairly busy, but also interesting day. Left ward at 7:30pm abit tired, but today I was happy. Just happy .

When you read my blog, you might think i/we hate internship. We actually love being doctors, we love saving people , we love doing what not everybody can do ( read that again) but we just hate the conditions that come with this job.

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