Memoir of an intern Doctor… Day 94
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Memoir of an intern Doctor… Day 94

Happy new year my beautiful people, and a happy new decade to you all.

I wish you all your heart’s desires in this year.

Also, I’m done with my 1 month Surgery rotation. Its been a rollacoaster…..a fun one. I don’t even know where all my previous fear disappeared to, all I know is that I enjoyed it, and looked forward to every new case that walked through the doors of the casualty department. I met very wise surgeons and aspiring surgeons who taught me many things and cool things. I probably have had the least sleep this month compared to the first 2 month, but damn! I have put on weight….how is this even possible😢😢

I have not grasped all the surgery ,not even a quarter of all there is to learn in surgery, but I gained the confidence to face any kind of surgical emergency. Especially trauma .

Now back for my 3 months obs/gyn rotation. Let’s do this 💪💪. Year of Yes,

Happy new year 💝

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