Memoir of an intern doctor… 50
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Memoir of an intern doctor… 50

Can you believe? 50 freaking days. And we’re still alive 😂😂😂. And mildly complaining😂😂.

Been wondering how I’ve somehow managed to go through the past almost 8 days happy, and I think I found an answer. Not sure it will work for all you interns out there, but well.

So, one Sunday when I thought I hated internship and wanted to quit actually, I asked around my well informed senior doctors about what I could do with just an MBChB certificate, the answers almost made me cry, including the fact that I’d also make a housewife with my certificate 😁😂. No , I love to work. This was my first step of acceptance.

Then recently I thought about how if I left internship, I’d be home very jobeless and very unhappy with the fact that I quit.

So I decided to think of internship as that job that one hates, but has no choice because they need the money.

Its working😁

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