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Memoir of an intern doctor….day 35

Everyday is different, and everyday brings different troubles and different joys.

And the biggest highlights of my days sofar are almost always patient related. Those who burst out in tears, some confide in you, some shout at you, some are thankful, and some curse you.

Once I was clerking a 45 year old patient , and she gently got off her seat and knelt down to say thank you to me. I almost cried.

I happen to be among those people who have huge lacrimal gland, and many times I hold back my tears infont of my patients. Some times I want to hug them, but sometimes I’m not so sure its appropriate. So I just hold back.

A young lady of 20 recently said she can’t come for her next review because transport to this place is expensive for her. But she said she’d make sure she returns to bring me a hen as a sign of gratitude. My first worry went to how and where I’d keep that hen for the night😂

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