Memoir of an intern doctor….day 177
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Memoir of an intern doctor….day 177

We’re half way with internship. Its 6 months today baby, and my skin glows even better than before😊😊…isn’t God good?😊

Before internship, colleagues told me the work load at my internship site would be overwhelming and I’d loose myself including the weight😂. On the bright side, I knew I was going to lose some weight.

But here I am typing from the comfort of my bed. Its 4pm, and I’m done with my day’s work. I was done even earlier. Did I mention I haven’t lost a kilo yet, worried that I could be putting on more weight.

The first month of internship was hard, I wanted to quit…honestly speaking. I have a colleague who had already packed her bags to leave the next morning till someone talked to her and held her back. But one thing I have accepted over the past months is that internship is a mindset. How you see yourself and how you value your ability to change someone’s life is a big setpoint.

I did my surgicals these 6 months, obs/gyn as my major. You can call me a pseudo obstetrician/ gynaecologist😊. These guys have given us the best hands on experience we ever needed. Good consultation, the independence to make guided decisions, I’m forever grateful. My heart is already won into this as a speciality. But who knows… Let’s see what internal medicine has in store for me.

On the dull side, COVID-19 hit us at the same time, and clearly its going to screw up the next 6 months. We’re likely to do internship for over a year.

I don’t want to worry about that now. At the moment, the survival instinct is at its highest peak.

I need to be here when this COVID-19 situation is gone.

Happy 6 months my fell interns. Let’s do this💪💪💪💖💖💖💖💖💖

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