Memoir of an intern Doctor…. Day 108
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Memoir of an intern Doctor…. Day 108

I don’t know what the threshold of tired is, but it might be thus thing I’m feeling lately.

1.I have many times wished I could collapse at work. (Maybe the bosses would cut the hours? Highly doubt)

2. I once walked behind an institution bus that was reversing at the hospital compound. The thought of walking sluggish and wishing for a non lethal knock from this bus hit my head. Maybe I’d earn a sick leave ….maybe😖.

3. I have been reading around. I want to know how to induce a coma. Non invasive methods please. …

PS; I still need ideas. 3 coma days can do.

4. My colleague was diagnosed with Malaria recently. The first instinct was to get myself transfused with his blood. I needed to get sick and get a break.

I’m not crazy, I’m not depressed. I’m tired 😖😖. I need a break . a mini break

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