Memoir of an intern doctor…3 days to go.
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Memoir of an intern doctor…3 days to go.

Yesterday must have been my best day yet, since October 2019 when we started internship.

Our hospital administration granted us a day off. All interns, a day off and we went touring at Murchison falls National park.

It was a beautiful day. Laughter, food, music, animals; mostly kobs, giraffes, elephants, chimpanzees,buffalos,hippos, warthogs, crocodiles, and different species of birds.

The boat ride was good too. I haven’t seen nature so beautiful in months. While I was done with all the pictures I could take on the cruise, I leaned at the edge of the boat and just took in the breeze, watched the beautiful vegetations, the water animals and ofcourse the beautiful falls. A deeper level of calm hit me. It was beautiful.

Later at 7pm , we headed for an after party at a nearby safari. We had met the owner earlier at the entrance to the park with other tourists, and he invited the entire team over for an after party all covered by him. Was good music, drinks, cake. It was beautiful.

The evenings of internship have extremes of moods, but yesterday was a blast. Thanks to the lacor hospital admin.

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