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When approached by a colleague to write an article for the school magazine of a certain Girl’s secondary school. I wrote them this. Felt the need to share. Enjoy!

If I had a chance to be 15 again, I would be a different girl than I am today at 22. Not to say that am not proud of what I am today, but sure to say that I would be better. In the few years I have learnt to be out of my comfort zone, I have learnt a few things which I feel every young girl somewhere in the world should know.

I owe the world is a motto I live up to. We are here in this world to make it better, to improve something about it every other day. A girl/woman has equal contribution to the world as a man does, and every one of us has unique gifts which we got to discover and bring to the light of this world. We are worth much more than we can imagine.

A girl should not shrink her shine or shrink her abilities just to get approval of anyone. Your friends should appreciate you for your gifts and support you as you support them as well. But if at any one time you feel like someone is trying to dim your light just because its shinning bright in their eyes, then I believe he/she ceases to be a friend.

You are working every day to build your BRAND. Trust GOD, dress decently, work smart, Dream, achieve, Stand Out

I like to say…… why wait to be first lady when you can be president yourself.

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