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Why you must respect PG

As I read The NewVision , one of Uganda’s newspapers , I landed on a story of how a secondary student had been suspended from school due to possession of a mobile phone. For starters, possession of a mobile phone while in school in my country is forbidden and punishable by suspension or sometimes expulsion from school.
This young man after being suspended from school, he sneaked back into school at night and stabbed the school’s Head boy who apparently had snitched on him. Too bad the head boy died in the process.
I know of some people who would say the head boy deserved what happened to him for not minding his business ,But clearly he was doing his job. “Keeping law and order”
Clearly this young man who stabbed the head boy  practised what he sees in movies . There is no explanation for his behavior. In this era , we no longer respect Programme guide. What we all know as PG.  Movies which involve violence , sex and drugs are usually rated PG 18 . Because according to the entire world , eighteen is when someone becomes an adult .
But what happens if you watch such movies with siblings who are in primary school . You will reap violence in school , sex at young ages , drugs  and all others forms of crime because this young kid wants to be as cool as Bruce Lee or Rambo and they will so much like practice this on their friends , or even worse your child could end up being the victim .
It all goes back to our parents back at home.

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