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Why we hide our partners

When I speak of hiding, I mean not doing the usual PDA (public display of Affection), not sharing their images on social media and even when images are shared on anniversaries, the captions are as short as…happy birthday ❤️. Now, the same can’t be said for anniversaries of our friends because we will write a whole page and flip 5 more pouring out our hearts and probably some will be lie. But well, let’s talk about it.

First of all, we love the people we date. Deeply, atleast I do. But the emotions that come around relationships are way deeper than the emotions that surround friendship. And many times it’s to do with the expectations we have of these people, and the expectations they have of us. And many times we want to share our lovers with the world. We’re dying to, but it’s hard because of various reasons I’m about to share. And that’s why when the love is overflowing and the temptation is deep, then we’ll post feet, or the back view, or the arms. This isn’t good for security reasons Incase the lover turns into the hater and wants to harm you…Godforbid, but don’t be decieved, we have shared all these pics, names and full details with the closest friends and family. We now leave the face sometimes to the imagination of this world.

Here’s my thought. When someone has travelled more that 2 relationships….it’s usually more than 2, it starts getting hard to explain this to the world. Because somehow even when the love is overflowing, the feeling of what if this isn’t the last one? keeps coming up, and then we will have to go through the phase again and I wonder if we should caption #NewBoyfriend 😅😅. Then some people might have this caption 6 times a year. And I mean it’s okay, but it gets exhausting to explain.

Relationships go wrong for various reasons. The wrong one could be the guy or the lady. None is perfect. And regardless of who was the reason the relationship ended, it’s still hard.

Second reason I have seen people give is the idea of what if they “steal” my partner? However much lame this may sound to some people, it’s actually true sometimes. I know we tend to say that a lover can’t be stolen, but hey, a lover can be tempted and that’s how the stealing process happens. And before you know it, your lover is stuck somewhere because of many factors. Pregnancy usually being the commonest reason.

Last reason which I find very hilarious. A friend once posted and said. I won’t post boo because you might look at boo and he resembles yours. 😅😅😅. This is funny and sad, but when that truth comes out, won’t it save us much of the confusion you think?

Gimme your thoughts and reasons. Hugs ❤️ (I give really good hugs)

2 thoughts on “Why we hide our partners

  1. This is interesting 😂😂. I “hide” my relationships because when you tell everyone you have a relationship going on, it becomes their business. Every meeting is like, “soooo how is Joooohhhnn?” and I just….no, thank you!😂

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