Why some rich people look “homeless”
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Why some rich people look “homeless”

You must have heard this before, “he doesn’t look like his money” they say. It’s a very common occurrence. Someone earns big, they have big investments and probably not many “problems” to take away their money, so where does the money go? They don’t even have loans pending, but the car is old, the bank is smiling, the family looks happy even when they stay in an old house. This is common with people in my profession. …..Doctors!

Having looked closely at different people and sometimes comparing with my ownself, I think the reason is around the fact that we don’t know how to reward ourselves. This may seem easy and obvious, but it never is. Many times when we get the money, we think about many other things except self.

It doesn’t have to be an everyday habit, but it can be as frequent as possible. Let a certain percentage of your salary go towards pleasing you. Because you deserves it, because you own it. It’s not just about the meal that you will have at your favourite restaurant. It’s good too, but I hope we can learn to invest in our appearance. It’s everything because first impressions with the people we meet last forever.

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