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Why my MAYOR must resign

Yesterday as I watched television, I scrolled through channels and I landed on this local channel . Luckily enough, it was a language am well conversant with. Runyankole. So I took time to watch . It was a music request show where the host  (presenter) goes to individuals’ homes , streets and places of work. Of course on top of the music requests,  the people also had a chance to send regards to their loved ones. I noticed with great concern how everyone sent regards to the Mayor of the town. I quickly sensed the irony in that . This even kept me glued to my TV to know why. The people in this small town poured out their feelings and clearly it was all hatred towards the mayor. Their biggest problem was the dusty road especially now that its a dry season.
I have been to this place ,at least once and this was in 2007, about eight years ago. Whatever we cursed about this road back then was what these people were still facing. If anything, it was even worse.
Clearly it had been a blind spot to the eyes of our leaders.
When I was in primary two in 2002, the mayor back then is still the current mayor today in 2015. It got me thinking of how this mayor had become part of the lower primary school syllabus , because  one of the common questions asked back then was ‘who is the mayor of your town’ . The name had not changed in ages. People claim he’s actually embezzling their funds . Their basis lies on the fact that he owns about a quarter of the town’s wealth. No hard feelings MR. Mayor, but do something , do what the people want  , or  if possible quit because people want to see what fresh blood can do.

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One thought on “Why my MAYOR must resign

  1. some well directed insight and criticism, guess its about time for change beginning with tomorrow’s LEADER-WE!

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