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Why does it happen so easily

Its funny how i always complain about this, but i guess after reading this, you will totally agree with me.
There are those people you meet after after a long time, say you last saw them in high school, or they are a new friend you just met. Be it male or female , a phone contact is like something you two always first share. Because in the cases of not seeing each other in like three years, we always blame it on lack of communication.

The first day you share contacts, you text each other like crazy , regardless of whether its male or female.  then the calls are too often. Someones texts you to tell you how they are having breakfast, then you text back talking of how you are playing with your cat , or whatever we always text about.
But with time, the frequency of texting drops from forty texts a day to thirty texts, to five texts , to one text, probably ‘nanyt’  and finally to no text at all. 
This is someone we were excited about for friendships’ sake,  and before we know it, its totally gone.
Then we get to remember that we actually have their contacts  , say about a year after when we have problems , When we are  completely broke, when we need favours. Really???
And when someone doesn’t help because to them you acted like you forgot about being friends, or whatever their reasons, we completely fail to understand what our initial problem was.
I think keeping in touch is important , and Friendship is for everyone.
Do u ever wonder why some of us never stop bothering your inbox??? The answer is right here. We care, we miss you , we want to know how you are, and we surely care about FRIENDSHIP.
Please keep in touch   violahnahurira@gmail.com

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