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Am a christian by faith, specifically Anglican . Although I have been fortunate enough to pray with catholics , prayed in a mosque before , and am yet to explore even more religions.
Giving back to God is what we do every Sunday and Fridays and any other day for different religions.
I will specifically concentrate on Christianity because that’s where I lie. We give offertory every Sunday in churches and some churches are actually fortunate enough to collect even up to as many zeros of millions. But where does that money go??

What seems to bother me is the little or no attention paid to the beggars and poor people who are always sleeping at church veranders . These are our own people and probably if one Sunday every month was resorted to collecting money specifically to help these people , the numbers of the helpless and hungry would reduce greatly.
     I ways wondered where all that money ends up. Every time the church wants new furniture or a new music system , a fundraising is always put to cater for all the church needs. I love the spirit people portray when it comes to that , because they really really contribute a lot and generously.  But there are very few churches which run orphanages , hospitals or boona bashome ( education for all) schools , and my question still remains , where on earth does church money go to ??????
Could that money be the reason pastors cruise in really expensive cars nowadays or is church becoming a new business. I hope someone gets to answer my question someday!
Is it eaten by church mice ?? We all know church mice are the poorest. Clearly its not kept in a church too.
If all churches could present their bank statements ………….

thanks for reading

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