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We all live for it

I have enough friends, have watched enough movies , have met enough people , and I can say what we all have in common is the love for attention and the need to be appreciated . Taking it from a personal level, you and I know that the day someone complements your dresscode, you feel happy all day , and your activity of the day improves by a great fraction. So probably if everyone dressed in what complements them best everyday , then possibly there would be an improvement in all sectors of life. But the problem comes in when no one notices you actually exist . I think the way to be noticed is by noticing someone. Walk to someone today and complement them. A normal person will do his or her best to return the complement , when its deserving.
   Something I have always found interesting are the people who stand on cliffs or on top of a bridge and claim to want to fall in the river. Someone who really wants to die will probably lock themselves in their house ,and drink poison. Trust me this would kill very first.
Standing on top of a bridge or on a cliff, is possibly a way of saying  ” hey,look !!!  I dare to die, but even in my death, I want to be noticed.”
Or they actually don’t want to die, by the time they start telling people around to convey a special message to special people before they die. I mean, you  could have called up these guys a night before and vent all that you feel. After people have come and this person has said all they want to , you get the fella saying ” please bring me ladders so i can get down ” . Its interesting what the need for attention can do.
Propose to a girl in public , for example in church , okay this is a bit odd, okay let’s say at a platform when called for a presentation , or on the most viewed programme on the most viewed television . Trust me , even if she felt something light for you, she will say yes….I mean you just got  everyone saying
“Woow , he’s romantic , that girl is lucky .”

Please remember to notice and appreciate the people in your life before you can notice they are dead , or appreciate what they did before they died.

I appreciate everyone reading this. Thanks for making me feel special.

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