Violah’s Tales of Valentine’s day
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Violah’s Tales of Valentine’s day

When I was younger…say 15 , I always saw the adds on TV, towns lit red, people dressed in black a and red, and wondered what Valentine’s would be like when I grow up. I honestly looked forward to it.

The first time I lived a day of 14th Feb without any walls or restriction was supposed to be 14th Feb 2015. When I was a fresher at campus. I was scared to face this day actually😂. Together with my Friend Julie. We planned on how to spend that day. We at first thought we’d go out and dine, but one of us (I don’t remember who) thought it was weird for 2 girls to be out eating on Val’s day. Our minds were so young and innocent 😂😂😂😂.

Plan B was avoidance. We decided to hide on that day, To hide after class. I remember it was a weekday, and we planned we’d not wear any colours close to black or red. We planned that we’d be in our rooms by 6pm, locked up already with food and probably a nice movie, lights out. Guys,,,, this is what we did 😂😂😂😂. Next day when we looked at each other, it was a whole day of laughter.

Val’s day of 2016 and 2017 , I honestly can’t remember what I did on those days, 2017 a friend came through with an artificial rose at around 9pm.

2018, Black panther premiered on Val’s day, my bestie took me to the Cinema, she gave me a pair of Boots as a gift that day. Was a special day. 2019, Alita premiered that night, I still spent that Valentine’s at the Cinema with my Bestie. I got a natural rose and chocolate that day.

2020 …..let’s see how it goes 😊

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