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Using your position to exploit opportunity

Imagine Barrack Obama the president of the united states of America and Robert Mugabe the President of Zimbabwe announced that they were to release a song which was to first first be premiered at MGM Grand, one of the world’s biggest hotels found in las Vegas.  Am sure this would be the biggest music concert ever. And am  certain that tickets to this concert would be sold in seconds no matter their price . Even after their video is released , it would have the most views on YouTube and probably the most dislikes .
This brings me to the word opportunity . Do you think people find opportunity ?? Or opportunity finds people. Probably the latter is the most common, although I believe the former gives more results.  In the case above, the two presidents are finding the opportunity using their positions in power because they are famous and people would want to know what else they can do. If it were a reason for earning, they would even get much much more money.
A very good example is my very own president of Uganda who composed a song for his presidential campaigns in 2011. Everyone wanted to listen to this song. Including me. I suggest he gets Davido to compose him another song for the upcoming campaigns.
Back to the point of finding opportunity , every teenager wants to be a fan to whichever celebrity is cool and on point. If you are a cute, fine and fun young man and you really want to make it to the top, its easy .
You want to know how I believe Maurice Kirya easily made it to where he is today?? His looks . Am close to sure . All my classmates liked him . Am not saying u have no talent Maurice . Am a very big fan too.
Its called using what you have to get what you don’t have.

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