Under the influence of Hormones
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Under the influence of Hormones

Quite alot, we talk about the influence of Alcohol, possibly because we know we can control that to a certain extent, but almost never do we contextualise the influence of Hormones and the effects they could have on our life’s decisions. Ofcourse, the influence of Hormones and Alcohol combined could synergise into lethal decisions. You might wonder, “But hormones are out of my control”. But how about if we hacked the system, and got you in control? Please stay with me.

Early this year, a friend mentioned how she had suddenly started feeling attarcted to this guy that had been trying to get into her life for a while. I was excited on her behalf, and asked her to explore the feeling and possibly invite guy to coffee. When she judged her previous opinion ( before this flood of emotions) about being in a relationship with this guy, she declined my advice, and decided to give the feelings some time. Did she hope they would mature and rippen? I don’t know. 2 weeks later, i asked her about the same and in that moment of her trying to reply to my question, she realised she didn’t feel a thing. Zero feelings!. When we tried to explore what could have changed in that time, she realised she had just had her period. We laughed hard, but later that evening, i actually thought about the fact that it could have been the influence of the hormones that was speaking for her brain.

Then, i decided to start hacking my own feelings. Hormones could give you a rollercoaster of emotions. From being angry, to excited, adventerous and a wider range of emotional options. But let’s stick to the exciitng ones. You know those butterflies you get when you like someone? planning out the future, kid’s names, vacations, how you will rock matching outfits and all? Or those times you’re driving around town and your eyes lock with a stranger that your brain recognises as ” The love of your life”.This can be tempting. All of a sudden you have met the love of your life and it’s final. I try hard to keep myself from talking too soon or misplacing my feelings. So lately, i wait. I wait to see if the feelings will be unwavering through PMS, through my best day, my saddest days, through the loss, and through the gains. Then, i know it’s solid. I mean you don’t want to wake up one morning, and you are pouring out your heart to someone, and the very next morning you are singing the famous Tiktok verse ” i wanna gooooo home!”

I think the same hack stands for falling out of love? some of us are quite temperamental and some times we can wonder if stuff around us actually makes sense? So it’s good to wait too. Watch the emotions through the good and worst days of your life and see if it still stands. Sometimes you will realise that you were probably just hungry, stressed, broke, or it’s actually just Hormones!

Happy Living! Happy Reading!

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