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Trying to be you

I happen to come from a very strict family , strict upbringing . Rules here and there.
This one time, actually afew days back, a boy from school asked me out for lunch. Of course my parents would never let me go if i told them about it , yet I really wanted to go. I knew what the consequences would be if caught , but I kept thinking I only live once , and my parents would probably quarrel and ground me for like the rest of the holiday, but hey!!! , I would still be their daughter. So ,ofcourse I pushed through with the whole lunch thing. It was on a friday , and my parents were at work, more reason I felt safe.
So this guy picks me up from home, and we head out of town for lunch. I made sure we use routes which were rare to my parents…just to avoid taking chances of being caught.
I had never been to this particular place, so you can imagine how happy I felt being here , on top of displaying my shock for all the cool things I came across. I usually feel guilty about disobeying parents, but this time, I didn’t feel the slightest of guilt.  I felt alive. We later went swimming , and later to the museum.
According to my calculation, we were supposed to be heading back to town by 5:30 pm , so I could make it home before my parents. Checking my phone, it was already 6:13pm. Ayaaaa!!!! Lots of things went through my head. . All the guilt and fear which had been burried all day came to life. I had lied to this boy about getting permission from my parents. At this point , I told him the truth. He said he would take me home , and actually tell my parents the truth. This was sweet. At this point , I wasn’t thinking. Internal stress had hit me. I took off my heels and literally jogged to the car . On our way to town, i was crying. The good girl had gone bad . I was practically shaking , and the fear was too much that it got me from my sleep.
Too bad , it was a dream. I know you feel like entering this blog and grabbing my neck , but trust me I feel worse  because I didn’t get to see this boy’s face. I can’t even remember his name. So sad
I actually wish it had happened foreal.

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2 thoughts on “Trying to be you

  1. creative writing just got better! hehe…for a minute, I was conjuring all kinds of ways this could have went..when all of a sudden, BOOM!~It was all a dream …
    At this rate, u r getting better by the day

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