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Do you ever wonder why some people tend to succeed at everything, and well, for you, you succeed at only some things or at even nothing??
Well , my idea and view is that most of these people always fight for the winning edge. In case you are wondering what the winning edge is, I will just break it down for you. The winning edge refers to that small (usually small) effort that someone puts in as you both fight for the same thing.
For example at school, am sure you wonder why the day has 24 hours for everyone, you all read, actually read extensively for an exam, but when marks are brought back by your teacher or lecturer, someone has 95% while the other has as low as 13%. Interesting, don’t you think. This is where the winning edge comes in. Maybe as this student went to bed at 10pm, the other pushed it by more 30 minutes. Do you see the winning edge??. Maybe I could explain it with a better example.
Two people apply for a job. They are both called in for a job interview. Maybe both passed highly with first class degrees, and then other factors have to count. Man, this is where you have to fight for that winning edge. Maybe the way you knocked at that office door, the way you greeted the interviewer , and all the humility you are supposed to present with.
Or even a better example. You have seen people on the Red carpet, wearing the same dress, having the same body shape and the same everything, but of course the vote of who wore it better must come in.  Maybe its the few minutes you paid to Fashion police or the phone call you made to your fashion designer before you picked what to wear.
Or you could be wondering why that girl picked him over you. Yaa, he probably didn’t have much money, or killer looks like yours, but maybe he fought for the winning edge to be a much better gentleman and that’s why he was picked over you.
So , if you’ve been looking for a way of getting better at something compared to the rest, a winning edge is a great start. Try to do that that others don’t seem to want to do , and trust me,it will make you better at it than the rest.
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2 thoughts on “THE WINNING EDGE

  1. sometimes we thk we get to b inspired by people who r already whr we are struggling to.. maybe like Ben Cason! but ma frd Violah, u strongly changed ma thinking d first tym I read ur piece of work.
    u make me get into a moment of thoughts wondering if ts really u dat I know! nway, I can’t fail to admit dat I love ur minds….
    keep calm n focused love…. n may God bless every moment of ur life.

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