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The social media Virus

I have more Apps than I can count on my phone . I have signed up for many accounts of many applications although I take forever to be active on some applications. Things we do for the sake of wanting to have phones with the most applications.
You realise the friends one has one Facebook, are the friends one has on whatsapp, the same on IMO , the same on viber, the same on hangouts and all those other Apps. And you wonder if they have different jazz for the different applications.
There are Apps where the friendship isn’t mutual, especially where you follow someone and they Dont follow you back. Am talking of Apps like Twitter , instagram.
Everyone of us smiles broadly the second we learn that we have gained one more follower. But why would someone follow you and you Dont follow them back. You find someone has 2million followers, and yet they only follow back fifty people. Its not fair!!!!
I once was followed back by a celebrity and I remember smiling for a week. Seriously! And I even think the celebrity crush we all do posses grew even stronger.
I think this could be a good strategy for celebrities to get even more fans. How??
Just follow back your fans

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