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Hard questions are hard to ask because …well, they are hard, hard questions.

But have you stopped to actually imagine what heartaches and disappointments and waste and time it could actually save us if we all learnt to ask the hard questions?…..and asking them early enough?

We beat around the bush a lot, we want to propose or suggest the hard questions, but fail to actually state them, and this constantly robs us of peace, happiness.. etcetera.

I know it can be hard to face your spouse or relative and ask about some things. But what is life if we can’t get clarity from the people we love, the people closest to us. It could even be your teacher, the principal, your president, your pastor, face them, state your hard questions. An answer will show up. Always…….there will be an answer of some kind.  

And we will get the clarity  we need, we will save that Job, we will save that marriage, we will smile again.


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