The guilt threshold 
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The guilt threshold 

The older we grow, the more we become immune to guilt. 

Growing up, even the thought of sinning felt like sin itself, yet today an act of sin doesn’t feel like sin. 

All this starts with hitting the threshold point for anything. Below this threshold point , even the imagination of commiting a certain act frightens us. We can’t do it…..we just can’t. Then as days go by…years maybe , things change. We feel like we are grown and can do all sorts of things. Influence could play a role here, and before we know it, we have the right threshold to permit us to do just anything. After the first time, the second time is easier and of course the 100th time is much much easier . 

This is true for both the positive and the negative stuff.

A young boy overcomes his fear for public speaking the more times he does it.

A thief gets more confident for every sucessful attempt and from stealing sugar, to hens in the community, to motorcycles, to cars…like the President’s car hahah., and to robbing banks .

A young boy of 8 is made to shoot his parents, and he turns out to be the world’s worst rebel leader.
After every first time, there will always be other times. The other times will always be easier than the first time. We just have to choose how early certain things can occur for the first time. Both the good and the bad 


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