The good doctor season3 Episode20
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The good doctor season3 Episode20

I bottled up my thoughts after watching this episode, but hey, I guess I wasn’t alone. After they announced the return of a new season, I was actually very shocked considering season 3 ended like a Grand Finale.

There was big plot twist at least for me. The once main actors weren’t our favourites anymore😂😂. Mine were Claire and Melendez. And I literally watched every episode through season 3 hoping for their first kiss only for Melendez to end up on a death bed? Hello director and writer of the The good doctor. Did you think this through? Do you know how many fans you lost and are about to loose if you don’t perform a resurrection miracle?

Melendez better be on the next season. You could come up with any excuse for his resurrection and we’ll take it. Heck you don’t even have to explain yourself. We will watch it

If you don’t act accordingly, I repeat; if you don’t, you will end up like The Empire. Somehow people; including myself missed one episode of the empire and never went back. Till today. I’m wondering; is The Empire still on going? I can bet my appendix its not.

Bottom line, we want Melendez back. Claire can’t be lonely in the next season. I personally fell in love after watching these two. Something just rekindled in my “love soul” .

Do it for me and many others.



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