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# The Ebb and The Storm……a Poem by Rackara

Slow rise, Low falls.
A subtle dance of waves at dawn.
The late night haze fades as the morning breeze sleighs in.
The gulls remind thee of the life in the barrens.
I feel ur icy embrace on my heart,
Reaching out across the gulf of the forgotten
Your voice speaks out from the silence of the grave ,
To this memory I am a slave.
I watch as the tide rises ,
And the morning sun glides across the starry skies.
Unfazed but ill-fated,
A story of contempt to be anticipated.
Thunder threatens to break across the once subtle but now simmering seas,
The departure of the peace at hand ensues.
Far beyond the horizon, the darkness begins to fade in ,
A flash so bright that it’s blinding and so fast that it’s gone is a flash,
A sign of the downpour and splash.
Heaven’s wrath impending as the drums of Mother Nature summon Poseidon’s rage,
The seas thunder and crash against the beach,
The howling gales rid any modest memory of the soothing morning breeze,
A prescient warning that this was not a tease.
Without a sign of life in sight ,
I cast a lonely shadow as I relieve your plight.
A budding of ill-will , derangement and anger brewed in you ,
You contrived to make peace with your demons,
A pact made in the deeper recesses of your cold heart.
The swift winds sting at my skin,
My hairs stand ,
Goosebumps mould ,
The cold bites at my shivering hands and feet,
I am frozen in place as I await the barraging rain fleet.
The calm before the storm ensues.
Thor embraces Aphrodite ,
The thunder embosoms the beauty of light and ,
The final illumination of the cimmerian sky is born.
A final spectacle to behold.
I close my eyes with unequivocal gratification and a streaky smile.
You echo once more in my mind,
A final exhibition of the performance of your flawed but undaunted defacement of that which you deemed unworthy.
In silent acquiescence, I accepted you with open arms bereft of any enmity.
The Final Act of Mother Nature’s dissent carves itself into reality,
The curtain raises as the downpour slays,
Drenching me, clasping me into thine bosom, the weight of it all beyond the strength of my will as everything in sight fades to black.
Hello darkness my old friend , we are finally together again.

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