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Physical pain? Or emotional pain

Today while on my ward rotation at the paediatric oncology clinic, i took moments of endless blinking just to hold back my tears as I imagined what kind of pain patients were going through. Little kids with big dreams of the future, yet their years to live are maybe 1 or 2 or even months. Having to depend on medication for your extra breathe .Very deep pain.

But as I sat and reflected later on in the day, I wondered to myself. What could possibly be the world’s worst pain? . could it be the SVD child birth? Could it be an amputation without anaesthesia? Loss of a loved one? Failure of an exam? A heart break? Losing all your money via gambling? …..probably

But what if we didn’t feel anything at all. The inability to feel……..The inability to love, and the inability to hurt, completely emotionless about everything.

Maybe life wouldn’t make meaning…..right? And maybe that would be the greatest pain there is.

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