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Not ashamed to say…..

I know this may sound cliche,  but if life wasn’t about creativity, even the phrase ‘I love you’ would mean no sense i.e it would sound cliche at some point…right?.The difference is how we present it.
So, here I put together words, phrases, and lyrics by other people  that mean so much to me. Because I think I see you and i in every movie, I think every song describes us, and I so feel your presence every time special songs play on the radio.
     When I wake up, you sure are the first thing that comes to my mind. Yes you are…..I doubt Kanye has said that to Kim, but I can’t help mention it because people like you make my tiny world huge , and you so make it go round.
First time I met you, I had no freaking idea you would mean so precious much to me. You are the only person I want to call at 2am when am woken up by a migraine, or ulcers . The only person I ever feel can take away my physical pain. Am very sure if you had a twin, I would so still choose you, because they would never be an exact copy. They’d probably copy, but never paste. I love you. I want to say this everyday and not sound cliche!
I hope it sounds new every new time I say it.
Am not sure how long we have left to be together, but I don’t want to wish I had said these words after you have left. God forbid we ever part. I do not know what this is exactly, but if this is love, Kindly pour me another glass from that jar that I hope never gets empty. I love you.

PS: Am not Crushing , Am not Loving anyone right now. Just writing my mind

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