My Heart’s Elixir….a poem by RACKARA
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My Heart’s Elixir….a poem by RACKARA

Intoxicated with perceptions
My addiction to the one I cant have
With a need to have a heart that is broke
I keep drowning in a sea of self hate
Destined to be the feature of my ill-fate
I took the pain and left my wishes with shooting stars
Born without star-dust , living with no sparks
My story is only depression plunging into recession
My cycle of life’s the symptom for my deficiency
You walked into my life of insufficiency
Permeating my life with your aura of existentialism
I gave love a hundred tries but never got close
Took what was yours and made it mine
My past and memories mere shades of the forgotten.
Originally without a foot to stand on
Nor a soul to count on,
But change is upon us,
As I welcome my new dawn
Recast anew following a night of ours
With every second lasting hours
And with your every breathe,
I pour my heart out through my mouth
Enraptured by the ecstasy of your bosom
The mountains in our wake
Couldn’t keep away our dawn across time
The mirage of the new painted for all eyes to see
My journey edges to the summer of harmony
If I could reach into my empty heart to find that spark
All I would find was the light of my ark
You, the angel of my stars

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