My heart
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My heart

I gave you my heart.

I gave you my soul

I gave myself to you.

Not because I couldn’t keep all this to myself, no. But because I felt I had found home. We had found home.

But then, you broke it. Sounds cliche, right?

Little by little I tried putting the pieces together as you broke each piece off day by day. But time came and the glue couldn’t hold any more. It all went into taters.

Quickly, I started sowing it back together piece by piece with the best material I could. See, the pieces are many so it might take forever….I just realised .

But then you’re back and this time I’m not sure of what you want. Baby , former baby the heart isn’t sown back together yet so please don’t go there.

And if you want the liver, the stitches don’t hold that organ so please see the kidneys. These kidneys haven’t been hydrated in forever and I might be trading on one…..very unforgiving organ.

My lungs are filled with air to carry me to the healing world , so they say you’re not welcome.

My brain, oh my sweet brain. Once innocent , but still precious and I’m not sure I want to share this precious space with you, so please leave.

I miss you , but I don’t need you. Goodbye!

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