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Memoir of an intern doctor …day 33

Weeekends. What are weekends? Is it a person? Is it food? Is it the president of Uganda? Is they we? Are we they?

We don’t know such things as weekends here in internship. Its 6pm, I’m not even on night duty, and I’m still on ward working my ass off as I should be doing. Or even probably more than I should be doing.

Oh BTW, language update, I have still failed to learn Acholi. I use interpreters for every clerkship. But I I’ve learnt how to say hi and thank you.

Also, I have learnt to live with swollen feet. Worse on the mornings after my night duty, but never goes away at all.

Emotionally, I’m still sane. Other factors don’t matter much in internship.

We got our first salary from Lacor hospital this month. The feeling is good. Its not much, but it’s exciting.

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