Memoir of an intern doctor…day 163
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Memoir of an intern doctor…day 163


I don’t know what to say. Been quiet for weeks and now I’m not even sure if the air I take in daily isn’t 100% Corona Virus

I’m at a point where my country, UGANDA is still #COVID-19 free, but I don’t think it is. I can feel it. Its already here, probably it hasn’t been detected yet. Our boarders are too porous, all the countries neighbouring mine have cases and I don’t know why I should be calm.

Its a hard time being a doctor, worse being an intern doctor. We are at the front line, so we take in #COVID-19 in all its possible forms.

hand sanitisers and gloves don’t seem enough I must say. We have patients who exaggerate pain to the point of hugging the doctor or nurse, pulling our hair, touching/slapping us in the face( unintended most times), and I’m not sure if I should cover myself entirely to work?

DEAR GOD, please save us from this. Science is failing us, only you, only you can save us.

I wish you all Happy Social Distancing. Be safe!

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