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Memoir of a medical intern… Day 3

I want to invest in thick black curtains. Woke up at 6:25am this morning way earlier than my alarm clock . I sleep on the topmost floor of one of the intern’s flat, and I have light green curtains. They “usher” all the light into my room and it disturbs my morning sleep.

6:30am here could be brighter than 8:30am somewhere in western Uganda. Today I jumped from my sleep at 6:25am thinking I had missed my 7am alarm. I thought it was 10am and that I was very late and had missed the morning meeting, and all those many bad things cruised through my head in microseconds. You can imagine how the rest followed

Also, I dozed while clerking a patient in OPD at 4pm…..I’m a serious doctor. But it happened

My shift got done at 5pm, instead of going to take a nap, I felt lost. Found myself on Gyn ward helping my colleague out with his work…..till 6:30pm. I can relate to a doctor friend’s experience. During his internship, he hated being a doctor, but yet found himself on the ward during his leave days 😂

I probably need a new hobby.

My colleague on paediatrics got overwhelmed by the line of patients amidst the language barrier. And he sent his patient to get an interpreter before he could work on her child 😂

On to day 4

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