Is she too independent? Or have men abused Chivalry
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Is she too independent? Or have men abused Chivalry

I get hit alot with the “you act too independent” phrase from guys. And many times I’ve failed to understand what my problem is.

We’ll start with what’s obvious. So a girl who asks for stuff is a goldigger and one who asks for nothing is too independent. Atleast that’s how I’ve been made to understand it.

We’re at a point where we don’t see so much honesty in the Chivalry acts some men do these days. Many will offer “chivalry” because they have other attached expectations attached. And in an era where a girl has the ability to get what you give her without feeling like she being bought, then she will say no to your acts and get it herself.

You have heard of stories where a dude goes on a first date with a babe, and the expectation is that they end up at his home after that. He wants to have a feel for his money. And I want to make it clear that food will never be equal to someone’s body or pride. If a woman offers herself freely, then that’s okay because she’s concented to it. But if a man is doing it forcefully, then you will understand why some women offer to pay for dinner on the first date because they don’t want to feel like they being bought.

If a man is taking a girl on date, he got to pay with no expectations. And if we are turning your kindness down guys, please understand . It’s just that sometimes we’re not sure how much you expect from us.

It’s just because we have watched the true gesture of chivalry die daily in our society.

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